Kincaid Henry has been producing successful urban infill, commercial office, multi-family, mixed-use, adaptive re-use, historic, Brownfield, hospitality, and neighborhood revitalization development and construction projects across the State of Michigan since 2005.

What we learned very quickly was that the ‘solutions’ provided, on the whole in the industry, to bring about successful projects, were not working. Seeking to fulfill our foremost Core Value, ‘Serve the client above all else’, we sought out a better way.

Recognizing the need to re-imagine the entire experience, we developed a proven process that produces successful real estate development and construction projects, and created a transformational company that is dedicated to its implementation. We call our proven process ‘Collaborate, Create, and Succeed.’ Our team-oriented, trust-based, collaborative approach, creates projects that are successful.

Our singular and passionate focus is to partner with business owners, real estate developers, and real estate investors to produce successful real estate developments for their businesses and investments. This is our niche, our passion, and the reason for our existence.


Leadership is our service.  We lead by navigating our clients and the entire project team through all of the steps starting as soon as a client has an idea for their project.  We know how each piece of the project fits together, when team members need to be engaged, where the project needs to come together to be successful.

Project scope of work, means and methods, staging, phasing, pricing, rent rates, financing, municipal approvals, zoning changes, special use permitting, trade contractor inputs and insights, government grants and incentive requests, tax credits, creating real estate Proformas, and everything in between.  We lead all it and put it together seamlessly.  Our team is well versed in many different types of real estate developments and construction disciplines.


We get to know your project vision, goals, objectives, budget, design ideas and schedule.  Based on the needs of your project we will assemble the best team for your projects success.  We have a process that objectively, determines how we select, whom we select, and when we select the right team members for the project.

We have relationships with architects, engineers, environmental consultants, real estate brokers, attorneys, bankers, bridge lenders, appraisers, consultants, specialty lenders, SBA lenders, City officials, and economic development agencies across the State of Michigan that we open up to our clients and integrate them into the project to ensure their projects success.


In an industry filled with busted budgets, blown schedules, failed partnerships, and unsatisfied owners we found a better way.  We challenged the status quo and have taken on a bold, creative approach to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of real estate development and construction projects.


Serve the client above all else
We focus on exceeding our client’s expectations and strive to provide a level of service that is better than any other company in the construction industry.

Continue to develop our team
We set high expectations, work long hours, and tackle new challenges all the time. To best serve our clients, we continuously train our team to be the best in the industry.

Build strong relationships
We focus on building strong, long-term relationships with subcontractors, vendors, co-workers and clients.

Keep our word to our clients and those who we work with
We work hard to meet deadlines, promptly pay subs, set realistic expectations and follow through on them. By delivering again and again, we build a reputation as the go-to contractor for difficult and demanding projects.

Bring a sense of urgency and an obsession to detail to everything
Responsiveness to requests, an insatiable need to get things done and an acute attention to details add up to a level of care and compulsiveness that we need to do projects right and take care of our clients.

Seek opportunities to take calculated risks
We take calculated risks to expand our company’s capabilities. We believe calculated risk-taking is an essential component of being an innovative company.

Acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them
We take responsibility for our mistakes and go the distance to correct them. By being transparent and having a problem-solving attitude, we turn potentially damaging situations into loyalty-building experiences for our clients.

Walk the walk
We don’t just talk the talk; we practice what we preach. We do not ask anyone to do something we are not prepared to do ourselves. We always lead our team to do the right thing.


Our Commitment to Safety

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, subcontractors, and the general public. Our number one priority is for our employees and partners to return home to their families at the end of each workday.

  • We have a 100% Personal Protective Equipment ‘PPE’ policy for all sites.
  • Our projects are pre-planned with safety in mind.
  • We perform monthly project site inspections with a third party consultant.
  • All of our Site Leaders are OSHA 30 HR certified.
  • We partner with MIOSHA on our projects to ensure accountability and safety.



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